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Focus Group Studio

The viennaINsights studio is located right in the heart of Vienna, in a small street leading to Stephansplatz, where you will find Vienna’s most famous landmark, St. Stephen’s cathedral.


Our spacious rooms offer a perfect setting for group discussions, workshops or studio tests.


When we furnished our facilities we made a special point to provide state-of-the-art equipment but also a very pleasant atmosphere – as we believe that good conversations are only possible in a friendly ambience.


The studio is equipped with Austria’s largest one-way mirror, a simultaneous interpreting system as well as integrated equipment for live streaming. This makes it possible to observe a group discussion even if you cannot actually be present.


The studio also features a 25 sq.m. large client lounge with high-quality designer furniture and air-conditioning where it is possible to view what is happening in live-time.


The rooms also include a fully furnished kitchen with all appliances and cooling systems for products as well as racks for shop simulation.


In addition to the group discussion rooms, our studio also offers respondent areas for individual interviews.



Good results also depend on a careful selection of respondents.

We are thus happy to support you in recruiting participants for your study.


Depending on your study, we will select exactly those persons who can give answers to your questions. We also have a lot of experience working with special target groups. Our data base is constantly being updated and can be filtered on the basis of various demographic and psychographic features.


The fact that we cultivate a relationship based on respect and trust with our respondents is certainly amenable to an open conversation climate.


In our viennaINsights rooms at Goldschmiedgasse you also have the opportunity to get a glimpse of the world in which Austrian consumers live and to generate data that is ‘worth gold’.


Our studio combines highest technological perfection with a high degree of comfort and guarantees that you will find the right information contacts for your case.

I am pleased to hear from you.

Helene Karmasin_Screenshot.jpg
Dr. Helene Karmasin

Dr Helene Karmasin is the founder of Helene Karmasin Behavioural Insights. For viennaINsights, she has developed the technical and market research concept of the company based on her many years of experience.

What to expect

You want to be able to express your opinion and be heard? Then you are just the right person!


As a respondent you will be asked to give your opinion on a variety of subjects. In a wide range of different workshops and discussion rounds you will also get to know people who share your opinion or present new ideas.

As a respondent you will certainly have the opportunity to make a difference. With your input on social themes and product developments you can help shape the future.

As a respondent you will certainly have the opportunity to make a difference. With your input on social themes and product developments you can help shape the future.

Here is where to sign up:

Data Protection

The data you give us is saved so that we can contact you to inform you of group discussions that might be interesting or other methods of qualitative market research. This data is used solely for the purpose of market and social research. If you are no longer interested in participating in group discussions, we will immediately delete your contact data when asked to do so. Your personal data will not be passed on to third parties. We will also not send you any advertisements or other spam emails.


The content of each group discussion is evaluated anonymously. We treat your statements and information in compliance with strict rules and regulations of data protection. Your input in a group discussion is never lined with your name and your address or passed on to a third Party.

For further information concerning the Data Protection within your input as a respondent, click on the following link.

For general information concerning the Data Protection in compliance with the DSGVO, click on the link below.



What is the best way to reach viennaINsights by means of public transport?

You can use the underground lines U3 or U2. Our studio is located on a small street right off Stephansplatz, at Goldschmiedgasse 10, about 300 meters away from the underground station.


What parking options are there in the vicinity of Vienna Insights?

The closest parking options are the APCOA Tiefgarage Hoher Markt (Sterngasse 5-7, Vienna) and the parking garage on Hof (Am Hof 1, A-1010 Vienna)


What hotels are there in the vicinity?

For overnight stays we recommend the Austria Trend Hotel ( as well as Hotel Sacher ( Both are only a few minutes away on foot from viennaINsights.


How large are the rooms?

The group discussion room is 40 sq. metres big, the client lounge 25 sq. metres.


Is catering provided?

We would be happy to organize catering for you, taking into account your individual preferences and wishes.


How do we recruit respondents?

We recruit our participants both online and offline. Depending on the particular requirements we also work together with competent partners so that we can reach those individuals who can provide in-depth responses to your questions.


How does the live-streaming of group discussions take place?

A video camera placed in the group discussion room will enable you to follow what is happening in real-time. On request we can also offer a live interpretation of the discussion into the desired language.


Since each inquiry is individual, you also need an individual answer. So don’t hesitate to contact us.


For any concerns please don´t hesitate to contact:


Goldschmiedgasse 10
2. Stock | Tür 24

1010 Wien


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